2016 Summer Project Week/MeVisLab SEG Colors

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Key Investigators

  • Hans Meine
  • Andrey Fedorov
  • Christian Herz
  • Steve Pieper

Project Description


  • Make it possible to assign SEG colors properties in MeVisLab.
  • Make it possible to read / use existing SEG colors properties in MeVisLab.

Approach, Plan

  • Learn about what's necessary to do that.
    • DICOM structures
    • MeVisLab's DICOM tree representation
    • DirectDicomImport's behavior w.r.t. SEG files
    • existing infrastructure for reading / modifying DICOM tags
  • Implement modules for accessing / modifying the DICOM tree for the two objectives.


  • A new DICOM tree browser has been implemented. (The existing one had strange problems with showing all SegmentSequence subtags.)
  • The DICOM import configuration (DirectDicomImport module) has been extended to properly import multi-segment files.
  • It has been identified which data is necessary and interesting, and where it is stored:
    • ClinicalTrial{SeriesID,TimePointID,CoordinatingCenterName}
    • SegmentationType, SegmentationFractionalType (binary / fractional probability / fractional occupancy)
    • per-segment information
      • LabelID, SegmentDescription, color
      • algorithm type (automatic, semiautomatic, manual)
      • SegmentedPropertyCategoryCode, SegmentedPropertyTypeCode, SegmentedPropertyTypeModifierCode sequences
      • tracking ID / UIDs
  • Implementation Plan:
    • Probably two separate modules for just displaying / editing, but sharing a lot of code (base class? Classes implementing reading / writing of fields of certain DICOM macros?).
    • GUI shared as well, but with readonly fields for the display.
    • Many tags could be added via DicomTagModify, but C++ module needed for SegmentSequence -> everything should be in C++ then.
    • Module with multiple inputs could be used for creating multi-segment SEG files.