2016 Summer Project Week/Workshop on Shared Software Platform for Ultrasound-Guided Medical Interventions

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Several groups have developed ultrasound-guided intervention systems in the last two decades but until recently these groups have worked mostly in parallel, independently from each other. The Image Guided Systems Inter-Operability (IGSIO) group was founded in 2016 January after lengthy discussions regarding the standardization of tracked ultrasound communication to work towards improving the interoperability between industrial products and research software platforms. See more information about this effort at http://igsio.github.io/.

The goal of this workshop is to promote the concept and practice of a shared software platform for ultrasound-guided interventions. Participants will learn, in practice, to build clinical applications using software platform tools.

Tentative agenda (keep checking this page for more details)

  • 9-10am: Introduction of existing open-source infrastructure for building ultrasound-guided intervention systems
  • 10.30am-12pm: Bring your own problem - discussion of implementation options for specific clinical procedures using open-source platforms.
    • EM needle guidance in breast brachytherapy (Thomas Vaughan)
    • Tracked ultrasound guided lumpectomy (Tamas Ungi)
    • <add your name and clinical application here>
  • 1pm-2pm: Slicelets, guidelets
    • Slicelet example: Gel dosimetry slicelet extension (code)
      • Specification & design: data-flow diagram defining the workflow steps that were eventually implemented - recommended way of design (on extension page)
      • Tutorial slides and dataset (on extension page)
  • Afternoon: Hands-on session for setting up prototype systems for ultrasound guidance and tool navigation.


No registration is required, just add your name to the participant list below or send an email to Andras Lasso (lasso@queensu.ca).


  1. Christian Askeland
  2. Janne Beate Bakeng
  3. David Black
  4. Longquan Chen
  5. Lauren O'Donnell
  6. Simon Drouin
  7. Jon Eiesland
  8. Sarah Frisken
  9. Mónica García-Sevilla
  10. Verónica García-Vazquez
  11. Ron Kikinis
  12. Thomas Kirchner
  13. Bojan Kocev
  14. Andras Lasso
  15. Ines Machado
  16. David García-Mato
  17. Hans Meine
  18. Javier Pascau
  19. Steve Pieper
  20. Csaba Pinter
  21. Adam Rankin
  22. Ole Vegard Solberg
  23. Yannick Suter
  24. Junichi Tokuda
  25. Tamas Ungi
  26. Thomas Vaughan
  27. Rocío Lopez-Velasco
  28. Frank Lindseth
  29. Ingerid Reinertsen