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Key Investigators

  • Steve Pieper (Isomics)
  • Hans Meine (Uni Bremen, MEVIS)
  • Marco Nolden (DKFZ)

(other interested parties are welcome!)

Project Description




  • Review the state of the art in medical imaging web apps
  • Consider various use cases:
    • Pure web browser application
    • Web browser + remote compute or rendering services
    • Web App widgets used in desktop application (e.g. via QtWebKit/QtWebEngine in Slicer/MITK/MeVis)
  • Topics
    • Native JavaScript code for DICOM IO, Rendering, Processing
    • Organization of toolkits and libraries
    • Interacting with the community of like-minded developers

Approach, Plan

  • Discuss recent developments cited in the Objective section
  • Identify more valuable development priorities
    • provide useful functionality (e.g. improved DICOM patient/study/series/search browser)
    • probe any outstanding issues (e.g. test scalability or performance questions)
    • establish paradigms for ongoing development
  • Finalize a prototype showing JS-C++ interaction replacing the CTK DICOM Browser Widget with a web-technology based implementation