2016 Winter Project Week/Breakout Sessions/DiffusionMRI

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This breakout is for users and developers of diffusion MRI tools in Slicer. We will discuss this year's goals for improvements to Slicer diffusion MRI under the new NIH NCI ITCR grant "Open Source Diffusion MRI Technology for Brain Cancer Research."

We will be very happy to receive input from the user community and from existing and new collaborators.

This year's goals are:

  • refactoring of SlicerDMRI
  • creation of SlicerDMRI extension
  • open-source library for tractography DICOM
  • open-source library for tractography file formats to/from DICOM
  • increased documentation coverage and tutorials
  • creation of releasable dMRI test data in a variety of scanner DICOM formats
  • creation of nightly tests for modules in SlicerDMRI
  • improved infrastructure for multishell dMRI
  • addition of new modules from BWH LMI