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Give an overview of the various tools from the Quantitative Image Informatics for Cancer Research (QIICR) project that are available now or are being developed.


The session is aimed at the users and developers interested in the scope of QIICR work. Anyone interested is welcome to attend this session.

Project members expected to attend:

  • Andrey Fedorov, BWH
  • Ethan Ulrich, U. Iowa
  • Xiao Da, MGH
  • Michael Onken, Open Connections GmbH
  • Nicole Aucoin, BWH
  • Christian Herz, BWH


Slide sets and summary documents:

QIICR imaging biomarker analysis tools

DICOM informatics tools

DICOM learning, supporting tools, interoperability activities

DICOM datasets


[1] Fedorov A, Clunie D, Ulrich E, Bauer C, Wahle A, Brown B, Onken M, Riesmeier J, Pieper S, Kikinis R, Buatti J, Beichel RR. (2015) DICOM for quantitative imaging biomarker development: A standards based approach to sharing of clinical data and structured PET/CT analysis results in head and neck cancer research. PeerJ PrePrints 3:e1921 https://doi.org/10.7287/peerj.preprints.1541v1