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Breakout Session: Slicer for Medical Robotics Research

Key Investigators

  • Junichi Tokuda (Brigham and Women's Hospital)
  • Axel Krieger (Children's National Medical Center)
  • Simon Leonard (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Tobias Frank (University Hannover, Germany)

Project Description


  • Define requirements and system architecture for medical robotics software system based on 3D Slicer and Robot Operating System (ROS)

Approach, Plan

  • Needs for 3D Slicer / ROS integration in ongoing research projects (presentations by participants)
    • Axel (Autonomous Surgery using the KUKA LWR)
    • Simon (dVRK?)
    • Junichi (OpenIGTLink and medical robotics research)
    • Tobias (OCT robot / Integration of KUKA robot and 3D Slicer
  • Brainstorming 1: Requirements
    • Applications (e.g. endoscopic surgery, percutaneous interventions, catheterization, etc.)
    • Platforms -- Linux, Windows, MAC
    • Roles for 3D Slicer -- visualization, image processing, etc.
    • Roles for ROS -- vision, sensors, devices, etc.
  • Brainstorming 2: Architecture for 3D Slicer-ROS integration
    • Types of data exchanged between ROS and 3D Slicer
    • Communication scheme between ROS and 3D Slicer
    • Software package to provide
      • Independent middleware?
      • 3D Slicer plug-in modules
      • ROS modules
  • Brainstorming 3: Collaborative tools / teams
    • Platforms to support (ROS mainly support Linux)
    • Repository