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Breakout Session: Ultrasound

Moderator: Tina Kapur

This breakout session is for all those who are using ultrasound for image-guided surgery and will serve as a kickoff discussion for the ultrasound standardization project. The goal is to share demos, information, code, and challenges that each of us are facing. When it makes sense, we will also discuss standardization. Analyzing ultrasound images -- segmentation, registration -- can be set up as a followup breakout session if there is need.

  • PerkLab (PerkLab, Queen's University) - Andras Lasso
    • Includes ultrasound-guided EM-navigated breast lumpectomy demo on a phantom
  • SINTEF - Christian Askeland
    • Demo of CustusX, with connection to dummy US data.
    • How CustusX uses OpenIGTLink.
    • Article can be found here.
  • McGill/MNI - Simon Drouin
    • Presentation of main concepts of ibis with video examples and brief overview of the architecture and future integration with Plus toolkit.
    • A list of publications using IBIS can be found on the web page here (page is still in construction)
  • Western - Adam Rankin
  • MITK - Thomas/Janek
    • EchoTrack link.
    • Photoacoustics
  • Philips Research - Ameet Jain