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Key Investigators

  • Raúl San José
  • Jorge Onieva

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Implement a mechanism simpler than MRML to save information about clinical data handled by Slicer modules
  • SQLite + Qt wrappers seem a good fit for this goal, extensible to other database engines to easily share data between different computers.
  • Possibly reuse this mechanism to also easily store the module state locally and inside a network.
  • Discuss about security issues and other possible approaches.
  • Implement a proof of concept
  • Lots of discussion this week about different options.
  • One of the most promising lines seems to be extending current DICOM capabilities in Slicer (Andrey, Steve and others are involved).
  • However, it is likely that we develop a prototype using the VTK adapers for different SQL engines, starting with SQLite.
  • The results of these queries should be integrated with the vtkMRMLTableNode for a better experience.

Background and References