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Key Investigators

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Create intuitive and user-friendly GUI
  • make meta-data exportable
  • Prepare extension for Phase II cloud work and future modules
  • create work-flow module walking user through needed steps
  • wrap editor module to allow for customization for segmentation purposes without interfering with global editor instance
  • capture needed data elements and export them as JSON-LD supplementing exporting of masks
  • augment GUI by requesting authentication information for OAuth 2.0 and adding elements for image selection via web.
  • refactor existing extension modules into separate distinct editor effects modules (currently lumped as one)
  • initial work-flow module created
  • editor module wrapped and including in one of the step tabs of the work-flow module
  • label mask saved, still need to add additional meta data (algorithm parameters) as JSON-LD export
  • username/password entries added to work-flow module for future web authentication
  • original single editor-effect refactored into separate effects. Further cleaning of of code needed
  • future work - allow image tiles to be select via web interface and resultant label masks and meta data to be exported directly to web services using OAuth2 authenication
  • remove unneeded GUI elements and set additional field automatically. Create better tab icons!
  • test SlicerPathology with new OpenCV Extension
SlicerPathology extension at the start of Winter Work Week 2016
SlicerPathology extension at the end of Winter Work Week 2016

Background and References