2016 Winter Project Week/Projects/External beam planning

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Key Investigators

  • Greg Sharp (MGH)
  • Csaba Pinter (Queens)
  • Kevin Wang (PMH)
  • Maxime Desplanques (Politecnico di Milano)

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Stabilize module
  • Move from separate branch into trunk
  • Achieve final release of SlicerRT EPB module
  • Completed
    • Fix remove beam button
    • Add widget for isocenter placement options
    • Complete hookup of dose calculation engine
    • Update model and UI when isocenter changes
  • TODO
    • Update model and UI when collimation changes
    • Fix crash with multiple beams of the same name
    • Figure out engine crash when body contour used as target
    • Find a way to output beamlet doses
    • Find a way to set collimator automatically
    • Figure out why image header for target image is wrong
    • Implement dose weight point options

Background and References