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Key Investigators

  • Nicole Aucoin, BWH
  • Csaba Pinter, Queen's
  • Andrey Fedorov, BWH

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Expand the Editor module to support assigning new terminology terms to colors/labels
  • Discuss with the Segmentations group how best to incorporate this functionality into the new Editor module
  • Initial implementation using default terminology tables is described in issue 4047
  • Plan for read-only terminology support in segmentation editor
    • Use the existing implementation of terminology as is
    • Change color selection delegate from default color picker to custom dialog (bottom of sketch)
      • Table showing colors of associated color node
      • Terminology information for selected color
    • Terminology for currently selected segmentation will show up as tooltip for the segment color (same as Colors module currently)
  • Plan for editing terminology (second round of implementation)
    • Change custom terminology color picker dialog to allow modification of terminology for selected color
      • Subsequent fields are populated when selecting terminology level (Category -> Type -> Modifier, etc.)

Background and References