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Key Investigators

  • Fan Zhang, BWH
  • Pegah Kahaliardabili, BWH
  • Isaiah Norton, BWH
  • Lauren O'Donnell, BWH
  • others

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Update the existing modules in Tractography category of 3D Slicer, and add testing cases .
  • Develop new modules for tractography processing.
  • FiberTractMeasurements (in Slicer now): Compute a set of different scalar measurements (such as FA and trace) from fiber tracts.
  • FiberTractClean: Using an input whole brain mask, remove spurious fibers that are very parallel to the surface of the mask (e.g. in skull or CSF). Also remove very short fibers (by default those with fewer than 2 points, which are just an artifact of unsuccessful seeding).
  • FiberEndPointFromLabelMap: Allow a user to calculate the number of fiber endpoints touching certain regions according to a label map. The label map is provided by users, which can be generated from, e.g., Freesurfer.
  • Coding - Finished
  • Testing - Finished
  • Integration - Ongoing

Background and References