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Key Investigators

  • Michael Halle, BWH

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Improve the "new user" Slicer experience
  • Improve the "new" and "established" Slicer developer experience
  • Use software to bolster the online Slicer community
  • Make the supporting web infrastructure more maintainable for administrators and more convenient for users
  • Re-organize existing web content considering the step-by-step needs of users and developers
  • Install new software to support blogging, and continue to upgrade existing software to the latest versions.
  • Configure installation of web infrastructure to make upgrades easy, straightforward, and reproduceable.
  • strawman mockup of a future slicer.org
  • Got feedback on various features ("how do I choose", forums, single sign on)
  • Fixed several existing bugs
  • Added "older releases" link to Slicer4 download page

Background and References