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We will present novel quantitative tools based in 3D Shape Analysis to evaluate the Temporomandibular Joints and measure tooth movement. Working under the Dental and Craniofacial Bionetwork for Image Analysis, funded by NIDCR/NIBIB R01 DE024450, we have developed open-source software for diagnosis, treatment planning and assessment of outcomes of orthodontic, orthopedic and surgical treatments. The open source tools allow clinicians and researchers to measure bone and dental changes, after registration relative to anatomical structures of interest. This workshop will focus specifically on procedures for TMJ analysis and for measuring tooth movement. All participants will receive a USB drive for software installation and example files. Participants are required to bring their laptops to take full advantage of the hands-on workshop.

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Date and Location

Workshop Agenda

  1. 3568 - Image Analysis Overview - Lucia Cevidanes
  2. 3569 - Open Source Software Development - Beatriz Paniagua
  3. 3570 - TMJ Analysis - Marilia Yatabe
  4. 3571 - Quantification of Tooth Movement - Marilia Yatabe

Learning goals

  1. Demonstrate approaches to 3D imaging registration, display and measurements
  2. Illustrate in depth quick decision of patient treatment needs with 3D imaging.
  3. Distinguish how 3D imaging has changed our treatment planning.


  • Lucia Cevidanes , Ph.D, DDS, University of Michigan


  • Marilia Yatabe , Ph.D, DDS, University of Michigan


  • Beatriz Paniagua , Ph.D, Kitware, Inc


  • Clement Mirabel , University of Michigan


  • Priscille Dumast , University of Michigan



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