2017 Winter Project Week/GeodesicSegmentationandLungtumorAnalysis

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Key Investigators

  • Patmaa Sridharan - UPenn CBICA
  • Andras Lasso
  • Louise Oram

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps

Integrate two applications listed below with slicer and also focus on interaction between Slicer and CAPTk(our internal tool)

  • Geodesic Segmentation
  A generic segmentation algorithm that uses geodesic distances.
  • SBRT Lung Tumor segmentation and Analysis
 Segmentation of lung tumor from multimodal images- CT and PET using initial seed points. Analyze the segmented region using texture features and predict the nodal failure in lung.
  • Analyze the compatibility between the dependencies of our code with that of Slicer and solve it for smooth interaction with our application.
  • Enabling Slicer's GUI to provide seed point initialization required for our application.
  • Do a code level integration of geodesic segmentation and SBRT with Slicer.
  • Investigate on possibility of calling Slicer from CapTk and vice-versa by using pre-populated project files.
  • Had discussions on how to get CAPTk and Slicer communicate and get to use some of the applications of Slicer from CapTk
  • On process of getting geodesic segmentation into a Slicer plugin.
  • Next Steps
  • Finish the plugin and submit it for adding as a module
  • Finish the OpenIGT linking to CAPTk to enable both applications communicate

Background and References