2017 Winter Project Week/Multi-ModalitySegmentationOfUSandMRImagesForGliomaSurgery

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Key Investigators

  • Jennifer Nitsch, University of Bremen (Germany)
  • Hans Meine, University of Bremen (Germany)

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Multi-Modual Image Segmentation of preoperative MR- and intraoperative Ultrasound(US)-images for multi-modual image registration.
  • Segmentation of the following anatomical structures: Falx cerebri, tentorium cerebelli, white matter, gray matter, CSF (ventricles), blood vessels.
  • Testing applicability of Deep Learing on current data
  • Generation/ Refinement of ground truth data
  • Generation/Creation/Refinement of characteristic (anatomical) landmarks (e.g. charactersitic representation of cerebellum, insula cortex (lateral sulcus), choroid plexus.
  • Prepare images for Deep Learning and seeting up Deep learning infrastructure.
  • Trained a DNN for skull stripping on 18 data sets from a public database, also segmented in GM, WM, CSF
  • There a a lot of databases for T1-weighted brain images, but good reference data is rare...

Background and References