2017 Winter Project Week/OAuth2SlicerPathology

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Key Investigators

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Direct OAuth 2.0 authentication using python
    • Identify any needed support libraries that are compatible with 3D Slicer license.
  • Also checking to extend SlicerPathology's use of WebKit to achieve OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Report from Erich:

Hi Steve,

I was able to compile a demo browser using the new WebKit in QT 5.7. Good news, everything works on our Quip site using this browser, from the OAuth 2 authentication process to the OpenSeaDragon viewer to all of the React-generated web screens! Now, to which gods do I pray, to get QT5.7 into 3D Slicer? :D QT 5.7 would make for a very exciting addition to 3D Slicer. - Erich

Background and References