2017 Winter Project Week/SlicerGeometryModifier

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Key Investigators

  • Johan Andruejol (Kitware, Inc.)
  • Beatriz Paniagua (Kitware, Inc.)

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Slicer lacks interactive support for moving, rotating and scaling objects in the user interface. It would be nice to be able to interact directly with an object.
  • The main objective of this project would be to allow user to change a transform parameters with through interaction. The objects under that transform should be automatically updated accordingly and the interaction representation should always match the transform properties.
  • We would also like to explore adding new markup types in Slicer such as planes and paths. Those would be integrated using the infrastructure in place.
  • Add a translation widget which:
    • Allows the user to move the objects under a transform.
    • Updates the transform interactively.
    • Updates itself whenever the transform is changed.
    • At this point, we would ask for feedback to the community.
  • Explore the addition of a simple markup type like a plane.
  • Discussions about design and what the feature should ultimately look like:
    • The 3D widget should encompass all the nodes that are about to be transformed (around their bounding box).
    • The 2D widget should be fairly simple, like an ROI around the node to be transformed
    • Interaction between interaction widgets and transform vizualisation to be determined once the feature is more mature.
  • Proof of concept:
    Proof of concept

Background and References