2017 Winter Project Week/WhiteMatterAnalysis

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Key Investigators

  • Fan Zhang, BWH
  • Shun Gong, BWH
  • Isaiah Norton, BWH
  • Ye Wu, BWH
  • Lauren J. O'Donnell, BWH

Project Description

This project is part of the whitematteranalysis software that provides an automated whole brain tractgoraphy registration and segmentation framework. The aim of this project is to integrate a new Slicer module FiberEndpointAnalysis into the whitematteranalysis pipeline.

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps

Calculate the overlap of fiber tract (endpoint regions) with anatomical parcellation (e.g. freesurfer) or functional region (e.g. fMRI).

  • Release the FiberEndPointFromLabelMap module as part of SandBox in SlicerDMRI.
  • Integrate the module into the whitematteranalysis software.
  • Testing and documentation about the new functionality.

Background and References