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Congratulations to the winners of the Winter 2010 NA-MIC Tutorial Contest

Julien Finet, Kitware

Daniel Haehn, University of Heidelberg / Brigham & Women's Hospital

Guorong Wu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Mahnaz Maddah, (MIT) GE Research


Slicer3 is now being used to perform meaningful research tasks. As part of the NA-MIC Training Core activities we are building a curated portfolio of tutorials for the basic functions and functionality available in Slicer. For examples for such existing tutorials as well as tutorials of the past contests are posted on the training compendium.

Tutorial Contest Goal

The primary purpose of this contest is to enrich the training materials that are available to end-users and developers using 3D Slicer and the NA-MIC kit. We believe contestants will be motivated to participate to enhance the dissemination of their own algorithms that they have incorporated into the Slicer3 platform and/or to enhance training of Slicer3 functionality for their own laboratory groups.

There will be two categories:

  1. END TO END SOLUTION TUTORIAL: In this category, the tutorial will teach a user how to solve a particular clinical problem using the NA-MIC Kit. Entries into this category will require at least:
  2. ALGORITHM TUTORIAL: In this category the tutorial will teach a user how to make an algorithm work on their data. Entries into this category will require at least:
    • materials about the scientific and application background of the algorithm(s) and their use in the Slicer environment
    • step-by-step guides, and
    • at least two different sample data sets from two different institutions
    • Example: Non-human Primates Segmentation Tutorial


A basic template has been used for all of the tutorials. The same design should be used for the contest. It can be found here: Template

  • Note: The examples above predate the template.


  • Tutorial must be based on a snapshot or release of Slicer 3
  • Tutorial must follow the guidelines specified above
  • If applicable, provide clear directions for downloading and installing additional modules
  • The tutorial and all of its components (data, powerpoints/pdfs, additional modules etc.) must be released under the Slicer license
  • Applicants must agree to work with the NA-MIC Training and Dissemination Cores to curate their submission (we will test it on each of the available platforms and for usability and work with you to smooth any issues after the contest).

Dates and Submission Dead-line

  • Presentation: all tutorials will be presented by the authors on Wednesday January 6 from 8 am to 9 am during the Project Week. Each tutorial presentation should be 10 minutes long.
  • If you wish to participate in the contest, please create a wiki page for your tutorial, upload your slides and tutorial dataset and add a link to your tutorial page in the section below. Please name your tutorial file as 'TutorialName_Winter2010AHM.pdf' and tutorial data as 'TutorialName_Data_Winter2010AHM.pdf'

Submission dead-line: Monday January 4, 2010

Tutorial List

  1. Hammer Registration (Guorong Wu)
  2. Centerline Extraction of Coronary Arteries using VMTK (Daniel Haehn)
  3. Port of Slicer to Qt (Julien Finet)
  4. EM Fiber Clustering (Mahnaz Maddah)