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An organizational discussion of all the DICOM-related projects going on in the NA-MIC community:

Slicer4 topics

  • Multiple parsing of DICOM headers (slow loading)
  • Mapping non-image DICOM data into MRML
    • header metadata
    • annotations
    • RT sturcutres and doses
    • time series
  • Mapping MRML data into DICOM
    • Exporting images
      • Secondary Capture
      • 'real' CT or MR profiles
    • Segmentations
    • Surfaces
    • Scenes
      • Slicer Data Bundle (lollipop) is a zip file in a private tag of a secondary capture

Organizational Topics

  • How can we organize ourselves to minimize duplicated effort
  • Who is 'on the hook' to deliver functionality related to DICOM?
    • What is funding the effort?
    • What is the use case and deliverable?
    • What toolkit will be used?
    • What synergy is there with other efforts?
  • Are there specific issues that we can work out this week as a team?