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Attendees: Tina Kapur, Tamas Ungi, Adam Rankin, Alireza Mehrtash, Stephen Aylward, Matthew Toews, Sandy Wells, Andrey Fedorov, Noby Hata, Junichi Tokuda, Laurent Chauvin, Matt McCormick, Alan Morris


  • new US-guided applications in Slicer (TU)
  • what's new in PLUS (AR)
  • iGyne Demo and plans (TK, AM)
  • AMIGO Ultrasound Tracking for Neurosurgery (MT)
  • Using PLUS for Prostate interventions (AF)
  • Smart Template for Prostate Interventions (NH)
  • EP ablation at Utah (Alan)
  • OpenIGTLink (JT)