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the objective of this page is to document system design for MRI liver robot including identification of software and hardware components, inter-device communication protocol, and safety measure to minimize hazard to patients.


Noby Hata, Atsuhi Yamada, Taka Kato, Kazufumi Onuma, Miki Kumekawa


  • A. Identify system components in the robot
  • B. Identify clinical workflow in the target clinical application
  • C. List system "state" for each workflow items
  • D. Discuss the tasks for each components at each phase
  • E. Identify information to be exchanged to accomplish the tasks
  • E-1 Develop mock system with virtual components, capable of comprehending "Phase" and "information to be exchanged"
  • E-2 Develop tags in Open IGT Link for exchanged info
  • F. Identify the information to be logged for recovery from crash and emergency stop
  • G. Design incremental development phases with test and validation
  • H. Identify virtual and real system components to be developed
  • I. Identify resource sharing mechanism among component developers



Jan 7-11, 2012, NA-MIC/NCIGT Salt Lake City event

Monday afternoon

  • Setting up computers and easel
  • introduction of each personnel
  • establish access to wiki.ncigt.org, wiki.na-mic.org
  • establish access to private github (programmer only)
  • Discuss Item A and B for each project
  • Document Item A and B in UML as well as in this page. Due midnight Monday.

Tuesday Morning

  • Item C (add it to Item B)
  • Item D

Tuesday afternoon

Item D, E and F

Wednesday Morning

Item G, H, I, Coding

Wednesday Afternoon

  • Coding

Thursday Morning

  • coding

Thursday Afternoon

  • coding