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We currently have an agenda for the meeting that was created at the last AHM. We would now like to revise this agenda as needed to reflect the work that has been in progress since then. Our total meeting time is limited, but we think it would be worthwhile for everyone to propose topics that they would like to cover during presentation or discussion sections of the meeting. Please feel free to volunteer yourself for these presentations, but also feel free to request a presentation/discussion from someone else within the group whose work you would like to learn more about. The Core PIs have a TCON on Friday, Jan 21st to discuss the agenda, and it would be great if you could provide your input here before then, or let us know if you need more time.

Candidate topics for presentation

If you would like to include a presentation on something you think that the NA-MIC community should hear about, please add it here.

  1. Guido UNC: Data Flow Processing: General discussion of the need for "data flow processing" in our medical image analysis studies: Typical examples / repeated application of complex sequences / user guidence for setup / visual feedback /(UNC would be happy to give a short 10' overview of process flow in SNAP (3D Snake), EMS brain segm., DTI analysis, and present the Imagine1/2 architecture) -> Goal: Discussion of needs and expectations of clinical partners to "process flow" in NA-MIC toolkit which is beyond simple scripts. Discussion on conceptual level and not necessarily down to technical details. Integration of LONI pipeline.
  2. Allen Tannenbaum, Eric Pichon (Georgia Tech): General discussion on level-set and fast-marching based segmentation techniques. Brief description of what the basic Level-Set and Fast Marching framework are and how they can be applied to image segmentation (in particular, the geodesic active contour model). Depending on the interest of the audience different topics can be discussed (mathematics, implementation, applications etc.). Our current research topics (adding statistical or directional information for application in segmentation of multimodal images and Diffusion weighted MRI datasets) can also be discussed.
  3. ...

Candidate topics for discussion/workgroups

  1. Software infrastructure needed for DTI and fMRI processing.Notes from TCON held on Thursday Jan 20th 3pm EST to discuss agenda for DTI workgroup on Day 0
  2. Student exchange/summer internship opportunities within NAMIC.
  3. Use of electronic journal (insight journal) to disseminate research within/outside namic prior to publication in peer reviewed conferences/journals
  4. ITK provide a notion of RAS coordinate system for images/volumes.
  5. VTK rendering of glyphs: Definition of specific mappers.
  6. Breakout session discussion on next generation software engineering process and for NAMIC.
  7. Breakout session discussion on technical aspect of fMRI, involving Cores 1 and 2 min, Core 3 may be.
  8. Development frameworks for next generation applications (GUI Toolkits, Data Model, etc) -- Core 2

NA-MIC publications being planned for submission between now and May 2006

  1. ...
  2. ...