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If you attended the All Hands Meeting in Salt Lake City on Feb 20-22, 2005, please provide us with feedback to help us improve future meetings. In order to provide us with feedback, please do the following:

Areas that would benefit from specific feedback are

  1. Content: Was there any material that you would have liked to see more/less of during the meeting?
  2. Was the balance between presentations and working discussions reasonable? Would you like to see more/less of either?
  3. Was there a good balance between whole-group vs. core-specific time? Any suggestions for change for next time?
  4. Was the duration of the meeting reasonable? Would you prefer it to be longer/shorter?
  5. Have you found the Wiki to be a useful communication tool? Any suggestions for additional tools?
  6. Location: how did the location work out in terms of accessibility, facilities and general hospitality?
  7. Next AHM: Please submit suggestions for the next AHM location. If you would like to host it, please also send a private email to Ron Kikinis.