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ITK Affine Invariant Anisotropic Smoothing Image Filter

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This ITK filter is an affine-invarient anisotropic smoothing filter.

Background Reading

PJ Olver, G Sapiro, A Tannenbaum. "Invariant geometric evolutions of surfaces and volumetric smoothing." 1994.

Use Case

I'd like to remove noise from an image while preserving edges and I would like the result to be invariant to an affine transformation. This means that if I take an image and its sheared version, and I apply the filter to both images, I should get the same result when I compare the original smoothed image and the smooth sheared image after it is unsheared.

Initial Status before Programming Week (jan 2006)

  • implemented in Matlab

Current Status after Programming Week (jan 2006)

  • Implemented itkAffineInvariantCurvatureFlowImageFilter.h/.txx (in Code/Algorithms) as well as AffineInvariantCurvatureFlowImageFilter.cxx example (in Examples/Filtering)
  • checked in to the sandbox under AffineInvariantCurvatureFlow

Remaining Work

  • Restrict the filter to 2D
  • Write and submit Insight journal
  • Test the code on a sheared image to demonstrate the effect of affine invariance


Core 1 Team

John Melonakos - Georgia Tech
Delphine Nain - Georgia Tech

Core 2 Team

Jim Miller (GE)