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Automated mosaicking and feature tracking in Electron Microscopy data

File:2006 AHM Programming Half Week EMAutomatedMosaicingAndTracking.ppt


  1. Develop a set of tools for automated assembly of electron microscopy mosaic composed of hundreds of high resolution (4000x4000) image tiles.
  2. Develop a set of tools for automated registration of assembled mosaics (slices) into a volume.
  3. Develop an application for user-guided feature tracking and annotation within a volume.

Current Status

  1. The prototype mosaicking toolkit has been successfully tested on automated assembly of a mosaic of 12 high resolution (3000x4000) EM images.

Current Tools

  1. Automated image cropper used to correct for rotation errors and to remove image borders (relies on strong assumptions on image structure).
  2. Fast mosaic layout estimator using correlation in the Fourier domain.
  3. Mosaic refinement tool used to correct for optical and mechanical warping in the mosaic image tiles via a 2D bivariate polynomial transform.
  4. A tool for assembling a mosaic for viewing from a set of images and corresponding transforms.

Team Members

  • Tolga Tasdizen - University of Utah
  • Liz Jurrus - University of Utah
  • Paul Koshevoy - University of Utah