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Use Teem's command-line parsing library to build a command-line interface to ITK, similar in spirit and function to existing "unu" and "tend" Teem command-line tools.


  1. Finish work started but not finished at last Programming workshop
  2. Demonstrate a command-line path starting with "unu make" making a volume out of DICOM images, and ending with an itku command to do anisotropic diffusion filtering, and saving out to a NRRD file, for loading into Slicer.

Current Status

The last time Raul and Gordon worked on this, we were hampered by the lack of good CMake support for Teem, and by the lack of good code for doing run-time conversion between ITK and Nrrd images. The first issue has been resolved thanks to Andy Cedilnik's creation of CMake for Teem (completed as part of putting Teem into Slicer), and the second issue is largely resolved with the more recent version of itkNrrdImageIO.cxx (in Insight/Code/IO).

So, we should have good momentum to finish this


  • Raul San Jose - BWH
  • Gordon Kindlmann - BWH

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