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Project: Brain tissue classification from MRI using neighborhood statistics


File:Tasdizen miccai2005 final.pdf


  1. Integrate atlas-data registration into the algorithm using one of the available ITK classes.
  2. Demonstrate that algorithm generates good results on the IBSR images.

Current Status:

  1. The implementation of the algorithm in ITK is finished.
  2. We have incorporated a Bias field Correction class from ITK into our algorithm.
  3. We are currently using a stand-alone registration tool (LandmarkInitializedMutualInformationRegistration from InsightApplications) and inputting the registered atlases to the algorithm. Can this be somehow integrated into one tool so users don't have to run them separately?

Test Data: We are using the IBSR database and the MNI BrainWeb simulator for validation

Team Members:

  • Tolga Tasdizen
  • Suyash Awate
  • Ross Whitaker
  • Liz Jurrus