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Coding into itk Block Matching Registration Algorithm.


Add to Itk framework the Block Matching Algorithm in Eduardo Suárez's thesis. The bibtex reference may be found [#Appendix at the bottom of this page].


(up to 2006/01/31)

  1. Skeleton of the block matching filter already defined for one pyramidal level, w/o weighting
  2. Debugging / diving into Itk


At this development stage: Simple synthetic data


Slide.ppt - updated 2006/01/31


Bibtex reference of the paper to be ported to itk:

  Author         = "Eduardo Su\'arez and Carl-Fredrik Westin and
                    Eduardo Rovaris and Juan Ruiz-Alzola",
  Title          = "Nonrigid Registration Using Regularized Matching
                    Weighted by Local Structure",
  booktitle      = "Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference
                    on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted
                    Intervention ({MICCAI} '02)",
  year           = 2002,
  month          = sep,
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