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Project Create ITK filters for basic image processing tasks on DTI data. For example, tasks suchs as resampling, smoothing, etc.


  1. Create ITK filter for resampling DTI volumes
  2. Create ITK filters for performing Anisotropic Diffusion on Tensor Data Sets.The filters will allow Euclidean, Riemannian and Log Euclidean Space filtering.

Current Status We have done some experiments with anisotropic diffusion(Euclidean and Log Euclidean) on synthetic datasets. Right now we are using ITK and Namic code base to do our experiments and the filtering routine is a standalone program. We plan to implement the Riemannian space filter and then combine the standalone programs into an ITK tensor smoothing filter.

Test Data: Right now we are testing the anisotropic smoothing on synthetically generated data sets.


  • Saurav Basu - Utah
  • Casey Goodlett - UNC
  • Tom Fletcher - Utah
  • Karthik Krishnan - Kitware
  • Xiadong Tao - GE