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Project: Updating infrastructure to support Slicer 3's web presence.

File:2006 Programming Half Week Slicer3Web.ppt


  1. Create a central location for downloading Slicer 3 executables, sample data, as well as Slicer 2 archives
    1. Point users to a single url or have an automatic download process, for the correct version, os, etc: slicer.org/Downloads
    2. Set up a NA-MIC server to host slicer.org
      1. Move the domain hosting information on namesdirect, remove virtual domain on splweb.bwh.harvard.edu
      2. Set up mailing lists for help@slicer.org, downloads@slicer.org, bugs@slicer.org, etc.
      3. UPDATE: slicer.org content is also being served (with nightly cron job updates) from na-mic.org/Slicer/Doc
    3. Need scriptable uploads via scp or http
      1. Changes to tarup.tcl so that time stamped directories are used, but the archive is -nightly so that it will overwrite the last nightly build in the nightly upload directory
      2. DONE, source source Scripts/tarup.tcl from the tkcon and then run tarup nightly to do an upload via curl to the appropriate place in na-mic.org/Slicer/Download
    4. Need download tracking - scripts? Bug 186 [Statistics]
  2. Set up a Slicer wiki to host the FAQ and other dynamic items currently hosted statically on slicer.org, and to consolidate wiki items currently hosted on the NA-MIC wiki.
    1. On the slicer.org server or linked in to the namic wiki?
    2. Domain aliasing so that wiki.slicer.org is the same thing as wiki.na-mic.org/Slicer?
  3. Create a central location to host the license agreement page, for users and developers Bug 187
  4. DONE Create a central location to sign up to request write access to the CVS repository (so can capture license agreement from developers) Bug 188 CVS write access request
  5. Continue to support nightly dynamic documentation generation from the code
    1. cron job on the linux server hosting slicer.org
    2. DONE: tcl Base Modules
  6. Possibly set up a gallery to show off Slicer scenes, with links to data to recreate them

Current Status:

  1. slicer.org
  2. License form
  3. NA-MIC wiki being used to host information about various releases, ie Slicer:Slicer2.4_Building
  4. CVS Web on splweb

Current Tools

  1. Refer to the functionality of other packages with a centralised automatic download method:

Test Data: N/A.

Team Members:

  • Nicole Aucoin - BWH
  • Andy Cedilnik - Kitware