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This is the home page for the 2009 NA-MIC all hands meeting (AHM). NA-MIC participants meet for a AHM once a year. The purpose of the AHM is to coordinate, discuss plans and report to NIH officers and the external advisory board (EAB). The external advisory board meets with the NA-MIC leadership immediately after the AHM. In parallel, NA-MIC is organizing a project week. These events, with the exception of the EAB meeting, are open to collaborators and potential collaborators.

For more information about the project weeks in general, click here.

For information about the January 2009 project week, see below or click here.

For information about Utah as a travel destination click here.

View of the City
The 2009 AHM, EAB and Project Week was held
January 5-9, 2009, in Salt Lake City, Utah.


wireless connection: capital-ballroom, namic-ballroomB, namic-amethyst

Time Monday, January 5 Tuesday, January 6 Wednesday, January 7 Thursday, January 8 Friday, January 9
Project Activities in Capitol B-C Project Activities in Capitol B-C Project Activities in Capitol B-C AHM in A-B, EAB in Olympus B

Project Activities in Olympus A

Project Activities in Capitol B-C
7:30-8:00 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
8:00-10:00 9:30 Core 1 and 2 PI closed session in Capitol A Project Work
8:00-9:00 How to use NITRC and slicer (Steve, Terry)

9:00-10:00 Using Batchmake and XNAT to process large studies (Stephen Aylward and Dan Marcus) in Amethyst 1

Project Work
8:00-9:00 Tutorial Review and Judging Amethyst 1

9:00-10:00 Particle Correspondence Breakout (Capital Ballroom A)

8:00 Introduction, Ron Kikinis

8:05 NA-MIC Highlights (Ross Whitaker)
Roadmap Projects
8:35: JHU/Queens (Gabor Fichtinger)
8:55: UNC (Heather Cody)
9:15: PNL (Marek Kubicki)
9.35: Mind Institute (Jeremy Bockolt)

Project Work
10:00-10:30 Core 1 and 2 PI closed session 10:30-11:30Automated GUI Testing for Slicer (Sebastien) Amethyst 1 Coffee Coffee 10:00 Project Review
10:30-12:00 Core 1 and 2 PI closed session Project Work Project Work

10:30: Iowa collaboration (Nicole Grosland)
10:45: Wake Forest collaboration (Chris Wyatt)
11:00: Georgetown U. collaboration (Kevin Cleary)
11:15: UNC collaboration (Dinggang Shen)
11:30: Mario Negri Collaboration (Luca Antiga)
11:45: Discussion

Project Work
12:00-1:00 Lunch Lunch
Lunch Adjourn
1:00-3:00 Begin Project Activities: Introduce Projects and Participants DTI Discussion (Sonia, Randy, Others) 1 Project Work (Capital Ballroom A)
1:00-2:00 Python Modules (Luca Antiga)
2:00-3:00 VTK Widgets (Will Schroeder)

Tools and Tutorials
1:00-1:20 Slicer (Steve Pieper)
1:20-1:40 Interfacing with Slicer (Jim Miller)
1:40-2:00 Non-interactive tools (Stephen Aylward)
2:00-2:30 Training Core Update (Sonia Pujol) 2:30-3:00 Tutorial Contest: Presentations by the winners (Randy Gollub)

3:00-3:30 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
3:00-5:00 3:30-4:30 Cell Segmentation (Alex G)
Project Work
Amethyst 1
Project Work
3:00-5:00 Meshing Tutorial (Nicole Grosland, Vincent Magnotta)
Amethyst 1
Olympus B
3:00-4:00 Discussion with NA-MIC Leadership
4:00-5:00 Closed Session
05:00-07:00 05:00-06:00 Meshing Breakout (Capital Ballroom A) 6:00 Optional: Beer at Murphy's (like last year)

Please note that there will be a Core 1&2 Site PI Retreat on the morning of Monday, January 5th. This is a closed session for Core 1&2 Site PIs, with no delegates. The topic is the competitive renewal.

Dates. Venue. Registration


  • The All Hands Meeting and External Advisory Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, January 8th.
  • Project Activities will be held rest of the week between Monday, January 5th and Friday, January 9th.

Venue: The venue for the meeting is Marriot City Center, Salt Lake City, Utah Mariott City Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. (Floorplan). Please either call the hotel at 1-801-961-8700 or 1-866-961-8700 (toll free) or book online by December 4, 2008 using the code SCISCIA to get rooms at $139/night. Please note that we do need attendees to use this hotel in order to not incur additional charges for the use of conference rooms.

Registration: We are charging a registration fee to all participants ($200 for AHM only, and $450 for AHM+). The fee covers the costs of the facilities and food provided. In order to keep the fee low, we need to get a sufficient number of hotel nights by our participants. See above for more on this. Please click http://www.sci.utah.edu/namic2009/registration.html for online registration. This registration must be completed by December 12, 2008.

Connectivity We have three wireless access points at the AHM. Two of them are located in the capital ballroom. One is named capital-ballroom, the other is named capital-ballroom2. If one access point doesn't let you connect it is probably overloaded. In that case, please try connecting to the other one.


This is the final list of all registered attendees for this meeting. 23:37, 3 February 2009 (UTC)

  1. Yi Gao Georgia Tech Core 1
  2. Ivan Kolesov Georgia Tech Core 1
  3. Vandana Mohan Georgia Tech Core 1
  4. Allen Tannenbaum Georgia Tech Core 1
  5. Michal Depa MIT CSAIL Core 1
  6. Polina Golland MIT CSAIL Core 1
  7. Bjoern Menze MIT CSAIL Core 1
  8. Koen Van Leemput MIT CSAIL Core 1
  9. Archana Venkataraman MIT CSAIL Core 1
  10. Xiaogang Wang MIT CSAIL Core 1
  11. Josh Cates SCI Institute Core 1
  12. Manasi Datar SCI Institute Core 1
  13. Guido Gerig SCI Institute Core 1
  14. Casey Goodlett SCI Institute Core 1
  15. Sylvain Gouttard SCI Institute Core 1
  16. Marcel Prastawa SCI Institute Core 1
  17. Ross Whitaker SCI Institute Core 1
  18. Cedric Mathieu UNC Chapel Hill NA-MIC Core 1
  19. Marc Niethammer UNC Chapel Hill NA-MIC Core 1
  20. Ipek Oguz UNC Chapel Hill NA-MIC Core 1
  21. Martin Styner UNC Chapel Hill NA-MIC Core 1
  22. Nicole Aucoin BWH NA-MIC Core 2
  23. James Miller GE Global Research NA-MIC Core 2
  24. Xiaodong Tao GE Global Research NA-MIC Core 2
  25. Terry Lorber Isomics, Inc Core 2
  26. Alexander Yarmarkovich Isomics, Inc Core 2
  27. Stephen Aylward Kitware, Inc. Core 2
  28. Sebastien Barre Kitware, Inc. Core 2
  29. Luis Ibanez Kitware, Inc. Core 2
  30. Karthik Krishnan Kitware, Inc. Core 2
  31. Curtis Lisle KnowledgeVis, LLC Core 2
  32. Nathan Hageman UCLA Core 2
  33. Jeffrey Grethe UCSD Core 2
  34. Marco Ruiz UCSD Core 2
  35. Kevin Archie Washington University in St Louis Core 2
  36. Daniel Marcus Washington University in St Louis Core 2
  37. Mikhail Milchenko Washington University in St Louis Core 2
  38. William Schroeder Kitware, Inc. Core 2,4
  39. Steve Pieper Isomics, Inc. Core 2,6
  40. Sylvain Bouix BWH NA-MIC Core 3
  41. Marek Kubicki BWH NA-MIC Core 3
  42. Doug Terry BWH NA-MIC Core 3
  43. Gabor Fichtinger Queens University Core 3
  44. Siddharth Vikal Queens University Core 3
  45. H Jeremy Bockholt The Mind Research Network Core 3
  46. Mark Scully The Mind Research Network Core 3
  47. Heather Cody Hazlett UNC Chapel Hill NA-MIC Core 3
  48. Zhexing Liu UNC Chapel Hill NA-MIC Core 3
  49. Clement Vachet UNC Chapel Hill NA-MIC Core 3
  50. Sonia Pujol BWH NA-MIC Core 5
  51. Randy L. Gollub MGH Core 5
  52. Ron Kikinis BWH NA-MIC Core 7
  53. Katie Mastrogiacomo BWH NA-MIC Core 7
  54. Morry Blumenfeld EAB
  55. Chris Johnson EAB
  56. Bill Lorensen EAB
  57. Sandy Napel EAB
  58. Fred Prior EAB
  59. German Cavelier NIH
  60. David Chen NIH
  61. Dr. Terry S Yoo NIH
  62. Michael Ackerman NIH
  63. Zohara Cohen NIH
  64. Kevin Cleary Georgetown University Collaborator (Funded NCBC Collaboration)
  65. Dinggang Shen UNC Chapel Hill NA-MIC Collaborator (Funded NCBC Collaboration)
  66. Nicole Grosland University of Iowa Collaborator (Funded NCBC Collaboration)
  67. Vincent Magnotta University of Iowa Collaborator (Funded NCBC Collaboration)
  68. Austin Ramme University of Iowa Collaborator (Funded NCBC Collaboration)
  69. Kiran Shivanna University of Iowa Collaborator (Funded NCBC Collaboration)
  70. Vidya Rajagopalan Virginia Tech Collaborator (Funded NCBC Collaboration)
  71. Chris Wyatt Virginia Tech Collaborator (Funded NCBC Collaboration)
  72. Harish Doddi Stanford University Collaborator (NCBC Simbios)
  73. Saikat Pal Stanford University Collaborator (NCBC Simbios)
  74. Kiyoyuki Chinzei AIST Collaborator
  75. Julien de Siebenthal BWH Collaborator
  76. Andriy Fedorov BWH Collaborator
  77. Daniel Haehn BWH Collaborator
  78. Nobuhiko Hata BWH Collaborator
  79. Kathryn Hayes BWH Collaborator
  80. Wendy Plesniak BWH Collaborator
  81. Petter Risholm BWH Collaborator
  82. James Ross BWH Collaborator
  83. Raul San Jose BWH Collaborator
  84. Peter Savadjiev BWH Collaborator
  85. Madeleine Seeland BWH Collaborator
  86. William Wells BWH Collaborator
  87. Carl-Fredrik Westin BWH Collaborator
  88. Nathan Wilson Cardiovascular Simulation, Inc. Collaborator
  89. Ozgur Guler ENT Medical University Innsbruck Collaborator
  90. Arnaud Gelas Harvard Medical School Collaborator
  91. Alexandre Gouaillard Harvard Medical School Collaborator
  92. kishore mosaliganti Harvard Medical School Collaborator
  93. Jaesung Hong Kyushu University Collaborator
  94. Luca Antiga Mario Negri Institute Collaborator
  95. Gregory Sharp MGH Collaborator
  96. Shantanu Singh Ohio State University Collaborator
  97. Yanling Liu SAIC-Frederick, Inc. Collaborator
  98. Guy Nir Technion Collaborator