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Attendees: Eric Grimson, Tina Kapur, Guido Gerig, Martin Styner, Ross Whitaker, Polina Golland, Allen Tanenbaum, Ron Kikinis, Dave Tuch.


  • Discussion on current status at each site.
  • UNC: need higher accuracy DTI data, current data is not sufficient. General sense it to try to work with current data, while building algorithms aimed at future data sources.
  • General sense of need to coordinate DTI efforts among the Core 1 groups.
  • Dave Tuch to coordinate a working meeting between all sites to focus on technical issues on use of data, formats for representation of data, algorithmic issues, etc.
  • UNC and MIT: shape algorithms are being assembled into a pipeline that is getting ready for initial release.
  • MIT: shape priors being incorporated into ITK/Slicer pipeline for use in segmentation toolkit.
  • MGH: working on non-rigid registration methods in close conjunction with Dartmouth group, being driven by requirements of Dartmouth group needs.
  • Utah: modules for statistical reasoning on DTI, about to put onto sandbox. Expect to have ready in a few weeks.
  • GaTech: coordinating with C-F Westin on DTI, measuring anisotropic features. About to transfer to ITK shortly. Some shape work underway, also working on rule-based segmentation with Jim Fallon. Will incorporate into Slicer as part of programming week.
  • MIT: measurement tools for DTI inside Slicer, shape-based segmentation about to go into Slicer.