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Residents of Prof. Carl Jaffe, Boston University School of Medicine


Sonia Pujol, Brigham and Women's Hospital


Date: August 29, 2012 9:00 am- 10:45 am Location: Department of Radiology, BWH


  • Introduction to the Basics of 3D loading and visualization in Slicer4
  • Introduction to the Nrrd File format
  • Concepts of labelmap, MRMRL tree and Slicer scene.

Workshop preparation

This is hands-on training with the participants working on their own laptop computers. In preparation for the sessions, please install the Slicer4.1 version of the software and the 3D Data Loading and Visualization dataset. Windows XP, Linux and MacOS Lion and SnowLeopard are supported. A minimum of 4GB of RAM (8 or more are recommended)and a dedicated graphic accelerator with 1GB of on board graphic memory are required.