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Developing complex software systems inevitably results in errors or deficiencies in design and implementation. To keep track of such cases, as well as feature requests and suggestions for improvement, bug tracking systems are employed. Currently the ITK, VTK and CMake systems, and its use is planned throughout NAMIC.

The following is the location of current bug trackers employed by various NAMIC software communities:


The bug tracking system is a utility software package used to track issues, problems, faults, suggestions, and feature requests in any and all NAMIC-related software packages.

Documentation, Tutorials and Examples

phpBugTracker documentation is available on the web.

Software Dependencies

phpBugTracker requires a web server supporting PHP version 4.1.0 and greater; a database server (mySQL or PostgreSQL); and optionally JpGraph for graphic display.


phpBugTracker is copyright under the GNU Public License.