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Harvard Catalyst Medical Informatics group Meeting Minutes March 13, 2012

In attendance:

  • David Wang
  • Bill Wang
  • Shawn Murphy
  • Randy Gollub
  • Darren Sack
  • Chris Herrick
  • Steve Pieper
  • Nandan Patibandla


  1. mi2b2 software update
  2. grant
  3. manuscript

mi2b2 software update

  • The team is working on the software design for the next mi2b2 software version that will allow one or more XNAT instances and/or DICOM receiver such as OSIRIX-MD to be specified per project.
  • Discussed the idea of integrating our mi2b2 software with the Clinical Trial Processor (CTP). CTP is a Java based software tool developed by the CaBIG community comprised of a DICOM listener that can be configured to anonymize/de-identify files and a DICOM server to store the images. Shawn and Chris will look into this.
  • Discussed the idea that at MGH (and perhaps other of our sites) that we might query and retrieve for images from the Radiology Department archives rather than the

mi2b2 Grant resubmission

  • The revised grant was submitted on time and is in the pipeline to be reviewed by the same study section as the initial review.


  • Reviewed who needs to do what and Shawn will circulate a new version to work from. Will be primary focus of next meeting.