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  • Welcome Darren Sack new to group, representing MGH PACS team
  • Announce dates/times for upcoming Advisory Board meeting and presentation to the CTSA - Informatics senior (OIC) team
  • Implementation of retrieve portion of mi2b2

Harvard Catalyst Medical Informatics group Meeting Minutes March 23, 2010

In attendance:

  • Darren Sack
  • Shawn Murphy
  • Ron Kikinis
  • Wendy Plesniak
  • Alex Zeitsev (phone)
  • Randy Gollub
  • Chris Herrick
  • Bill Telier
  • Jesse Wei (phone)
  • Steve Pieper
  • Yong Gao
  • Bill Hanlon (phone)
  • Mark Anderson
  • Valerie Humblet (phone)

Darren introduced himself, he has worked for 19 years with the MGH Radiology Department, his early training was as a Radiology Technologist, but over time has transitioned to working primarily at the interface between image acquisition and storage/retrieval with the PACS and now is primarily working at corporate and enterprise level imaging informatics projects.

Reviewed project overview and progress to date for group and specifically to bring Darren up to speed.

  • Our first mi2b2 Advisory Board meeting will be held Monday April 26th at 10:00 AM and is cleared on all participants schedules. Shawn and Randy to make the presentation.
  • Our first presentation to the Catalyst Informatics senior (OIC) team will be Tuesday April 27th at 9:30 AM.

Shawn reported on the BIRN All Hands Meeting held March 15 and 16 in Huntington Beach, CA. Content was mostly focused on GRIDftp. Dan Marcus and Shawn were able to spend time on this project. Reviewed the availability of XNAT 1.4 final release. XNAT architect and project leader, Dan Marcus, will be in Boston on April 26 & 27 to work with us and other Harvard affiliated groups.

  • Implementation of retrieve portion of mi2b2

Discussed how best to configure a server/laptop with JBoss on it at each of the four sites that will be the STAR-D cell to launch PACS query.