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Harvard Catalyst Medical Informatics group Meeting Minutes July 5, 2011

In attendance:

  • Chris Herrick
  • Shawn Murphy
  • Vincent Roch
  • Randy Gollub
  • Bill Tellier (phone)
  • Valerie Humblet
  • Steve Pieper

mi2b2 software update

  • Dave and Chris continue to work steadily on the final touches to version 6. They expect to have the first deployment ready for Vincent to test next week. Chris and Shawn are working out the final issues regarding upgrade of the mi2b2 servers at BWH. Bill Tellier will work with Paul Lamonica and other CHB personnel to determine where their equipment will be installed and to place their order.

Ready to test i2b2/mi2b2 at CHB and BWH

  • Randy will reach out to Jon Bickel to initiate an i2b2 query for the baby brain project at CHB as soon as possible. The IRB is approved, but we are not sure the status of the i2b2 project at CHB.
  • Steve will activate his BWH status so he can be the one to test mi2b2 for his and Ron Kikinis's project at BWH later this month or in August.

mi2b2 future plans

  • Randy gave update on mi2b2 poster presentation at Organization of Human Brain Mapping. The attendance was light but steady with a few very interested attendees. In particular Randy had an interesting conversation with Susumu Mori about a potential future collaboration on the development of Radiology teaching material for Diffusion MRI.
  • Discussed other potential future funding opportunities within the local community as well as from NIH.
  • Set an intention for writing up mi2b2 for publication in the early fall. Vincent will be writing up his Master's thesis over the summer under Randy's direction and this will provide useful starting material.