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Harvard Catalyst Medical Informatics group Meeting Minutes July 19, 2011

In attendance:

  • Chris Herrick
  • David Wang
  • Darren Sack
  • Bill Tellier
  • Randy Gollub
  • Jesse Wei
  • Jon Bickle

mi2b2 software update

  • Dave and Chris installed the mi2b2 version 6 on the MGH Production server. Unfortunately, the server team made an error in the IP addresses that needs to be corrected and then it should be working. Waiting for the IT team to respond to their help ticket. The BWH servers should be ordered this week (sigh). Jon Bickel again raised the topic of the relative benefits of using a VMware at CHB as a "virtual server" rather than purchasing and installing a new physical server. Jon is planning to site it within a central Research Computing cluster that he is responsible for at CHB. Jesse raised the point that it is possible that this option would be more robust against viruses and other sources of security breaches since the institutional IT team is vigilant about installing software updates to the OS etc.
  • This week Dave updated the mi2b2 workbench in version 6 to include several of the requests that were made in response to viewing last week's demo. These include a way for users to (1) download studies directly from the Cache Management UI, (2) see who (user name) and when a particular study is downloaded from the Cache Management UI, (3) supplemental UI elements to allow users configure download settings (download location and encryption choices) also in the Cache Management UI.
  • The most recent video capture that was shown last week was again demo'ed for Jesse and Jon to catch them up and to facilitate discussion of what and when to deploy mi2b2 at BIDMC.

Update on development projects using i2b2/mi2b2


  • Jon Bickel's baby brain project i2b2 query at CHB is finished and the first clinical data set of ~200 subjects is ready for analysis. Randy will send Vincent to Jon to look at the data and then establish a plan for who will do the initial data mining. IT is likely to be done by Valerie Humblet once she is added to the IRB. Randy will follow up with Ellen to gather a list of MRNs that would be approved to test with and Randy helped Jon to do a hybrid query to gather a list of appropriate patients even without the radiology information.


  • Steve and Ron Kikinis are waiting for the results of their i2b2 query at BWH. They should be ready to test the BWH mi2b2 version 6 software when it is deployed.
  • Raul San Jose submitted a letter of intent in response to the Partners RFP for Personalized medicine to use mi2b2 to gather high resolution CT scans of the lung to improve diagnosis of COPD and pulmonary embolism.