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  • Report from National CTSC Imaging Working Group
  • Update and demo on Phase 2 mi2b2 software
  • uxp and UI design: workflow analysis

Harvard Catalyst Medical Informatics group Meeting Minutes July 20, 2010

In attendance:

  • Bill Wang
  • Wendy Plesniak
  • Valerie Humblet
  • Chris Herrick
  • Charles McGow
  • Darren Sack
  • Shawn Murphy
  • Cynthia Lee
  • Steve Pieper
  • Randy Gollub
  • Bill Tellier
  • Jesse Wei (phone)
  • Kathy Andriole (phone)
  • Mark Anderson (phone)
  • Dan Marcus (phone)

Meeting Minutes

National CTSA Imaging Workgroup Steering Committee meeting report

Dan Sullivan, chair of the National CTSA Imaging Workgroup Steering Committee, has invited Chris Herrick to present the aims and status of the mi2b2 project at the Sept. 29th American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN) meeting in Virginia. The session is entitled "Image Sharing Strategies and Infrastructure Update" and includes Case Study presentations from Eliot Siegel about the caBIG project, Brad Erickson about ADNI, Cecil Charles about Osteoarthritis, David Lynch about COPDGene and TBD about Cardiology. The audience will include some NIH staff members in addition to CTSA imaging researchers. The goal of the session he will be speaking is will be to educate the audience about what kinds of transactional research can be enhanced with imaging, and to identify what's needed in terms of imaging research and infrastructure to make that happen. Because an emerging focus of priority at NIH is genomics and phenotyping, the session focuses to some extent on the integration of imaging and genomic data.

mi2b2 software

  • Chris demo'd the Phase 2 software. No change in user interface from Phase 1. Enter patient MRN, search, goes to our DMC4chee instance in the cloud and gets list of studies, can click on study and get series list, click on the series and it fetches the images.
  • Bill will be installing the software at MGH this afternoon.
  • Discussion regarding the programming underlying the demo. Don't have to queue up to use C-find, the query- retrieve processes can be asynchronous. Only need to queue C-moves which we were going to do anyway. Mike D'Arcy from BIRN CC in USC has been very helpful in working out the details for the programming. Chris has another call with him tomorrow afternoon to follow up on Mike's research on the DICOM webservice libraries. Discussed how XNAT handles DICOM queries. Dan built XNAT gateway (http://www.xnat.org/XNAT+Gateway+Server+User+Manual), a service that manages C-move, C-find, etc commands by translating the DICOM calls to XNAT services and visa versa. This is required to manage credentials (e.g. user can only access images they have permission to see). Used this for the Radiology Department at Wash U, in their reading room, they have a single gateway. Can also set it up so that user's own log on and password is the same as their gateway password for instance at Partners where all workstations require login. The XNAT team could write a plug-in for Osirix, but instead chose to havethis generic gateway solution.
  • Phase 3 is going to be an i2b2 un-aware version of Phase 2 software. This will begin to have solutions for cache management, queue-ing processes, sorting functionality.
  • Phase 4 will likely include export to file, transfers, cancel, filters and more.

Workflow analysis

  • Discussed another new revision based on input from last week. Focused on the details of what filter features are useful and required at the level of the Patient Query Panel. Then can sort by these features. Can do nested sorts.
  • Jesse shared screen shots of the "drill down" query terms on the BIDMC system with Wendy and Cynthia to use to inform the design.
  • Future directions include the ability to annotate the images during the listing phase if they have been previously accessed/downloaded/QA'd