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  • Update on Phase 2/3 mi2b2 software
  • XNAT -- mi2b2 integration

Harvard Catalyst Medical Informatics group Meeting Minutes October 12, 2010

In attendance:

  • Bill Wang
  • Chris Herrick
  • Shawn Murphy
  • Vincent Roch
  • Randy Gollub
  • Steve Pieper
  • Yong Gao
  • Jon Bickle
  • Darren Sack
  • Steve Pieper
  • Bill Tellier (phone)
  • Paul Lamonica (phone)
  • Mark Anderson (phone)
  • Alex Zeitsev (phone)
  • Wendy Plesniak
  • Kathy Andriole (phone)
  • Dan Marcus (phone)
  • David Wang, newest hire to i2b2 group to work on UI Design, he is from University of Maryland where he got his PhD working in the Human-Computer interaction lab

Meeting Minutes

mi2b2 software update

  • Phase 3 development of core functions is going well and nearly finished. It is a scaled down version of what was designed over the summer. No frills, but core foundation of requesting and obtaining images is what is implemented. Chris showed slides (he will circulate to the group) of the implementation and walked through the steps of the workflow. He expects to begin installations at our sites in next weeks, starting with either MGH or BWH. Phase 4 will have next increment of GUI functions (e.g. sorting, filtering) as well as server integration with XNAT.
  • MGH will upgrade hardware/software to match other sites and use this for the Phase 3 installation.

XNAT -- mi2b2 integration

  • Yong brings up the question of how we will map into XNAT subject ID and session ID? Plan is to let Dan, Chris and Yong draft a plan for this and they will bring it back to this group for feedback and endorsement in preparation for next phase.
  • Future plans (5+ years) would be to develop an XNAT based library or Master list of image annotation (e.g. image quality, and knowledge).
  • Chris will follow up with Tim about the Java classes for the i2b2 authentication. Wash U will stand up their own sandbox for this project in the next few weeks.