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Harvard Catalyst Medical Informatics group Meeting Minutes December 20, 2011

In attendance:

  • Bill Wang
  • Shawn Murphy
  • Randy Gollub
  • Darren Sack (phone)
  • Steve Pieper


  1. mi2b2 software update
  2. XNAT
  3. Grant

mi2b2 software update

  • CHB mi2b2 is fully operational and in production mode. Nandan began training the mi2b2 CHB personnel on it last week. User testing will begin when Nandan is back.
  • Both BWH servers, development and production, are now up and operational.
  • Next step is to reconfigure MGH production server back to MGH from BWH.
  • Team is now full steam forward on getting the mi2b2 software ready to share with the full scientific community via the i2b2 community wiki.
  • Once that is done, the team will be ready to support one additional development study.
  • The next study to be supported will be Jayashree Calpathy-Kramer's IRB approved glioblastoma study.
  • Steve tested the new version of mi2b2 client server workbench using batch queries to the PACS and it all worked fine except for some minor usability issues which he reported to Bill.


  • We are planning to integrate XNAT in the next version. Work will begin on this in January.


  • Randy contacted all subcontract PI's to initiate the preparation of updated paperwork for the planned resubmission. Deadline for subcontract paperwork is January 10, 2011. Deadline for scientific content is February 14, 2012.
  • Steve and Randy are working on a prototype for the software that will support the mi2b2 Radiology Decision Support Toolkit.