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Cardiac MR-PET-CT is a joint program at the MGH with Mass General Imaging and Division of Cardiology encompassing both research and clinical activities. Thomas Brady, M.D. is the founding director of the program. The team of outstanding investigators is now led by Dr. Udo Hoffmann. Cardiac MR-PET-CT is affiliated with existing cardiac imaging and research programs at the MGH main campus (Nuclear Medicine, Echocardiography, Cardiac Catheterization, Vascular radiology). Many of the investigators from cardiology and radiology are active on both MR, PET and CT projects. A particularly close collaboration exists between the Cardiac MR-PET-CT program and the MGH Cardiovascular Imaging Core (CVIC) Lab.


The mission of the program is:

  • to foster the development and collaboration of talented and dedicated young physicians and basic scientists across various medical and technical disciplines related to cardiovascular imaging
  • to provide an environment that will enable the conduction of high quality state of the art basic, translational, and clinical outcomes research in multimodality cardiovascular imaging with an emphasis on MR, PET, and CT imaging
  • to identify and establish qualitative and quantitative imaging biomarkers for cardiovascular disease including the development and validation of new computational assessment tools
  • to raise awareness for the appropriate and effective use of advanced imaging techniques
  • to develop, evaluate and assess novel imaging techniques for cardiovascular applications


For additional information, visit the website or send an email.