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The MGH Cardiovascular Imaging Core Lab is an independent facility dedicated to providing the highest quality services to the cardiovascular imaging community. They operate as a professional, compartmented PACS/RIS/Data Management facility capable of handling administrative and scientific aspects of large multicenter trials compliant with NIH/FDA regulations, and can provide high-level qualitative and quantitative analysis of cardiovascular imaging data sets. In addition, they offer advanced cardiac CT teaching by renowned faculty on dedicated state-of-the-art workstations from major vendors.


  • Design and facilitate industrially- and federally-funded trials in compliance with FDA regulations
  • Provide qualitative and quantitative assessment of cardiovascular imaging datasets for diagnosis of coronary atherosclerotic plaque and stenosis, as well as global and regional LV function
  • Elevate the competence of cardiac CT readers with our advanced course
  • Foster the development and validation of new computational assessment tools


The Cardiovascular Imaging Core Lab at MGH can provide assistance with all phases of design and application of clinical trials, and is equipped to manage storage and analysis of large, complex datasets. In addition, they have expert readers able to perform complex analysis on various dataset types using workstations and software from all major vendors.


For additional information, visit the http://ctcorlab.mgh.harvard.edu/index.html website] or send an email.