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The 3D Imaging Service takes data from cross-sectional computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies and produces life-like spatial views of body systems. These images allow physicians to visualize a patient’s anatomy more comprehensively and realistically. The Service has its own full-time, highly experienced staff which is committed to staying current with both computer and medical technology in order to bring patients the most sophisticated clinical imaging service available.


Accessing 3D studies is easy. A laboratory equipped with small supercomputers and specialized software creates the 3D renderings. The renderings are then returned to Mass General’s state-of-the-art Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS) for viewing and for archival with the cross-sectional images of the respective case. Physicians who are part of the Mass General network can view images directly on-line from any desk-top computer. For physicians outside the system, the 3D Imaging Service can produce film and black and white as well as color photographs. In addition, through the capabilities of the Radiology Department’s Teleradiology Service, physicians can send studies for interpretation and 3D image reconstruction to Mass General from all over the world. The 3D Imaging staff works with physicians to get the exact images desired and is readily available for technical advice.


The 3D Service is located in Gray 239 at the Massachusetts General Hospital. For technical assistance or to schedule time with one of the 3D technologists, please call (617) 724-3662 or for more information about the 3D Service, call Gordon J. Harris, PhD, Director of the 3D Service at (617) 726-9464. More information are available on the website.