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Facilities consists of 5 separate lab facilities for

  1. fiber optic and electronics fabrication and testing,
  2. instrumentation system development and testing,
  3. small animal studies,
  4. an optical physics lab with a floating table, and
  5. human subject testing.

Instrumentation in the Photon Migration Lab includes:

  • A multi-photon microscope, built in house, capable of 20 images per second with 200x200 pixels.
  • A continuous-wave diffuse optical tomography (CW4) imaging system with 18 lasers and 16 detectors (manufactured by TechEn).
  • Two additional CW-DOT imaging systems (CW5), each with 32 lasers and 32 detectors (also manufactured by TechEn).
  • A time-resolved spectroscopy system with pulsed laser diodes at 4 wavelengths and 4 photon-counting photo-multiplier tubes (manufactured by PicoQuant).
  • An ISS system with 16 laser diodes and 4 photomultiplier detectors (Imagent™ functional brain imaging).
  • A time-domain diffuse optical tomography (TD-DOT) imaging system, with an imaged intensified CCD detector and optically multiplexed sources (constructed in-house with the support of Advanced Research Technologies http://www.art.ca ).
  • A Mai:Tai Titanium:Saphire Laser (manufactured by SpectraPhysics)
  • 2 Ocean Optics Spectrographs (model S2000)
  • 4 Near-infrared spectroscopy systems (NIRS 1 and 2) (custom made by TechEn).
  • 8-bit CCD camera (Cohu 4910) and various white light lamps, a mercury xenon lamp (200W, Oriel) with housing and SMA connector, a mercury lamp (200W, Oriel) for speckle microscopy.
  • 8-bit CCD camera (DALSA) capable of 950 frames per second with 256x256 pixels.
  • TE-cooled 12-bit CCD (Coolsnap fx, Roper Scientific).
  • TE-cooled 16-bit CCD (Cascade, Roper Scientific).
  • 50mW diode-pumped solid state laser (532 nm).

Other equipment includes:

  • Electronics: 1 Gs/s digital oscilloscope (HP Infiniium), numerous data acquisition cards, network analyzer, 24-node Linux Beowulf system.
  • Optical fiber equipment: single-mode, multi-mode and fiber bundles, optical fiber polishing equipment, and optomechanical fiber coupling.
  • Optomechanical equipment: breadboards for mounting optical components, three-dimensional translation stages, optical mounting hardware, various diode lasers and white light sources and other optics, electro-optics and electronics equipment.
  • Optics: various lenses, microscope objectives, mirrors, filters, beamsplitters, orthogonal galvanometer mounted mirrors (Cambridge, 6810).

Photon Migration Laboratory website: