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Open Source Image Processing Software for Translational Clinical Research

Recent advances in medical imaging devices are producing ever more complex data, creating a need for advanced image analysis tools. In order to extract medically relevant information and to use such information for intervention and treatment, it is necessary to develop sophisticated post-processing software. An open source approach to software of this type lowers the barriers of scientific exchange, simplifying the process of sharing with collaborators by providing a well-documented, stable platform.

3D Slicer is an open source software platform that embodies this approach. It offers a number of easy-to-use, interactive modules for image processing and visualization. One of its important features is a wide range of options for extending the basic platform. This lecture will include a number of examples of interactive post-processing workflows available in 3D Slicer, demonstrating some of the capabilities that are available through novel imaging techniques and how post-processing enables access to medical information contained in the data.

This talk will take place at the UNC Bioinformatics Building in Room 1131, 130 Mason Farm Road.

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