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The objective of this study is to develop software and hardware platform to perform robot-assisted surgery in the intelligent operating room. We have formulated three specific goals for AIST-BWH core: 1) design extensions to open-source software 3D Slicer to support the handling, fusion, and display of massive multi-modality data for image guided surgery of brain tumor, 2) develop versatile and portable inter-device communication mechanism for robotics surgery system, 3) develop open-source software engineering mechanism for project-side development, 4) validate planned extensions through use-case scenario evaluations and phantom data that simulate multi-modality image guided brain tumor surgery.



Key Institutions


  • Nagoya Institute of Technology
  • Naogya University
  • AIST with Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • Tokyo University
  • Terumo, Co.
  • Olympus, Co.
  • Kyusyu University
  • Jikei University
  • Sinsyu University

Key Personnel

  • Kiyoyuki Chinzei, PI


  • Nobuhiko Hata, PhD
  • Haiying Liu, MS
  • Jayender Jagadeesan, PhD
  • Haytham Elhawary, PhD
  • Vaibhav Patil, MD
  • Ron Kikinis, MD
  • Junichi Tokuda, PhD

NA-MIC related Projects

Active projects

  1. Slicer IGT
  2. 4D Ultrasound
  3. Cardiac work (Jay please add link to your project wiki page)
  4. Liver/Kidney ablation (Haytham please add lik your project wiki page)
  5. Endoscopic navigation (Vai please add link to your project page)

Past Projects

  2. GPU-IGT
  3. Robot engineering
  4. Flight recorder


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