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A funding opportunity has been made available by the NIH for collaborations with NCBCs including NA-MIC (see here for R01). Several investigators have asked us about this PAR, and we have put together the following FAQ to address some of these questions. While we consult with NIH periodically to verify it, please understand that this is our interpretation of this funding opportunity and not a view that is officially approved by NIH.

Important Dates for this Grant Application

Opening Date: January, 5, 2012 (Earliest date an application may be submitted to

Standard R01 dates apply for these grant applications, reviews, and start dates. The PA expires on January 8, 2015

I am interested in this grant, what are the steps?


  1. About eight-ten weeks before the submission deadline, please send an email to Ron Kikinis (kikinis at introducing your project. If you are interested in interacting with a particular NA-MIC investigator, please include them in this email exchange as well.
  2. After discussing the project with you, Ron will discuss it with appropriate NA-MIC investigators and NIH officers. He will provide you with feedback from these discussions.
  3. In parallel with the above step, identify NIH officers in institutes where your project has a natural fit, and contact them for initial feedback on the idea. Keep Ron and NA-MIC investigators appraised of this feedback so that they can relay it to the NIH program officers for NA-MIC.
  4. Consolidate the various pieces of feedback to determine if your proposal is a good fit for this funding mechanism.
  5. If yes, submit the proposal by due dates.

I have an active/past collaboration grant with one of the participating institutions of NA-MIC. Will that impact my chances of getting funded?

Answer: Please note the focus on forming new collaborations in this grant i.e. current collaborators should look perhaps at a general R01. New collaborations from the same institution as the collaborating NCBC, or new collaborations from the same institution as any of the subcontractors to the collaborating NCBC are welcome to apply. The key is to promote the formation of new collaborations. If you are not sure if this criterion applies to you, please contact us and we'd be happy to help answer the question.

In order for me to complete the project I would like to propose in my application, I expect to need some support from NA-MIC personnel. Is NA-MIC budgeted to provide collaborators with that support, and if so, at what level?

Answer: It is reasonable to assume that some proposals will need significant interactions with NA-MIC personnel to ensure reaching their goals, and in that case those NA-MIC personnel should get budgeted as part of that collaborator proposal (i.e. there is no current dedicated funding to supporting these grants in NA-MIC and appropriate budgets must be included in the new proposals.) Some of the recently submitted collaborator proposals have included approximately one-third of the direct support for NA-MIC personnel. The best way to determine the budget for NA-MIC participants for your project is to have detailed discussions with your NA-MIC collaborator(s) before you start preparing the proposal/budget. One of the outcomes of these discussions should be the deliverables and related effort that the NA-MIC collaborators are accountable for, and that should be the basis for the budget.

What is the duration for this grant?

Answer: These grants have durations of standard R01s. Please note that NA-MIC is currently funded until June 30, 2014. Your application must recognize this timeline. Your proposed research must either be complete when the center ends, or you must request sufficient resources for continuing to support the components of NA-MIC that will be required beyond the lifetime of the center. Support to build long-term on the proposed work beyond the lifetime of the NCBC can be requested under the normal unsolicited NIH research program or via appropriate program announcements or requests for applications.

Is there an overview of NA-MIC that I can use for the grant proposal?

In contrast to its predecessors, this PAR does not require an overview of NA-MIC. However, you are welcome to use excerpts from this half page NA-MIC Overview, if you wish.

Which grants have been funded under this mechanism?

For a list of grants that have been funded to collaborate with NA-MIC under this R01 (and an earlier companion R21) mechanism, please visit this page.


An R21 version of the NCBC Collaborations Program was recently released. Details can be found here. Please read the FAQ for the R01 above for collaboration with NA-MIC under this PAR.

International Collaborations with NA-MIC

We have received interest from several international groups to collaborate with NA-MIC. Please note that

  • We welcome international collaborators to join our effort.
  • If you are interested in our software, please download it and enjoy! Our license is BSD style.
  • Please contact us if you are interested in an active collaboration.
  • International applicants are in principle eligible for the grants listed above. For specific information, read the PAR's.
  • Feel free to contact Ron Kikinis (kikinis at to discuss further.